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Started by Admin 2018-12-08 at 05:22
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Hello Dear Members,
We wish you welcome to our a Unique Concept PTC Site.
As a Starting Promo we are gifting you a $10 as a Signup Bonus for first 10,000 Members. No terms to get Signup Bonus. Just Signup and Get your $10.
First of all, I want to clear you that 2 thing,
What is ScamBux?
ScamBux is totally different from other PTC Sites, because on other PTC Sites you only earn upto $0.0001 to maximum $0.01 per clicks. But on ScamBux you should earn upto $0.1 per click and the daily earning range is between $1 to $10 for your clicks only. If you have some good amount of active Referrals(25,30,40,50 to Unlimited) than your earnings is higher than the actual rate.
What is it's concept?
We are 100% SCAM. We are Not Pays to anyone at alltime. Our concept is,
Earn Money -And- Use it for Advertising.
We are giving $0.1 Per Click and upto 100% Referral Earnings and 50% Winning chances at ClixGrid game. So, It is not possible to give members a 3 to 4 digits of dollars daily to their Payment Processor. So, you should use your money for advertising at ScamBux. We have better Advertisement rate than other PTC Sites.
Important TERMS:
1. We are SCAM. But We Are Professional Team. We want to run our site for long life. So, we are not allow multiple signups. We want only Unique Members, If you create Multiple accounts then all of your account will be suspended immediately.
2.The TERMS are just like the other PTC Sites. No other extra Terms.
3. Don't SPAM the Forum with your referrals link. We only allow one Banner Signature.
4. Don't use our site for only advertising PTP sites like rotate4all. We allow only 10 ads which contain PTP Links at a time for overall Members. If our site reaches more than 10 PTP ads then the next ads will be paused or deleted.
Main Benefits of ScamBux:
    ● Unlimited Referrals for Every Membership
    ● Unlimited Daily Ads upto $0.1 per click
    ● Up to 100% Referral Earnings
    ● Up to 1$ ClixGrid Prizes with 50% Winning Chances
[list=1]● Free Advertising
● Different Types of Advertising
● No Expiration for Ad Credits

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congrats admin
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nice site
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Kazandığınız paralar nasıl yatırılıyor
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Good luck
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this is interesting..
unique concept..
but not the first in ptc sites market..

well... many similar concept ptc has closed.. or.. abandoned by the owner..
the question is why..??
and the answer is simple.. imo, their members get bored, tired, highly expected, for their efforts to make a "'truely free advertising source'.. they thought that they can advertise any ads they have with an easiest way, earn $ by clicking others ads then use it to buy credits for advertising their own.. but they did not realized there are some limitations for how you expend your earned $..!!!
such as ;;
-- you can only expend it for buying ads credits
-- you can not use your 'free' purchase balance for buying upgrades, or company shares, or renting referrals, (as these options may increase your 'capital' significantly, more capital means more ads you can advertise),, except the PB you add it from payment processors..
those reasons will make members gradually lower their efforts day by day, which means less clicking day by day, and finally less visiting.. the impact for the ptc site was huge, cause low visitors means low advertisers also.. cause advertisers want theirs ads are seen by as many visitors as possible, make sense..

but... ... this situation may only happened in the past.. only the elders of this kind of PTC concept may suffer the 'end game'..
am I so sure bout it.? 90% sure, I can say that.. because... at present time, the development of PTC system creation is so massive and advance.. they have think the things their predecessors would not think.. many new challenging games added as new sources of earning oportunities for their members.. for instances, crack the vault, roll the dice, head tail guess, high low numbers, lottery, and etc).. tho these kind of games have a 'high return high risk' term, but in fact it attracts more members to play more.. and of course, the permissions for advertise PTP sites is a positive ways and will make a 'win win' result for either the PTC site owner or members..

so it is why, on my PTC forum longest speech in my carrier history, I will say as confident as I am, this 'free advertising and no payable earning' system of PTC sites, will stay live and have active members equal to active advertisers..
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